Looking for the perfect gift for your loved one? If they are living in Paris OR living the dream travelling solo to Paris, then this is the perfect gift to ensure they forever remember this moment in their life! 

Choose between our four photoshoot lengths - 30 mins, 1 hr 90 mins & 2 hrs.

And for all the detailsy peeps:
30 minute session - 150€ +VAT, Minimum of 15 Lightroom edited photos, Choice of 1 dreamy Paris location, 1 outfit.
1 hour sessions - 210€ +VAT, Minimum of 30 Lightroom edited photos, Choice of 1 dreamy Paris location + Paris cafe or street pics, 2 outfits (optional). 
90 Minute sessions - 290€ +VAT, Minimum of 45 Lightroom edited photos, Choice of 2 dreamy Paris locations , 2 outfits (optional). 
2 hour sessions - 350€ +VAT, Minimum of 60 Lightroom edited photos, Choice of 2 main locations + Paris cafe and/or Paris street photos, Multiple outfit changes (optional). 

Photos are sent within 1 week of the photoshoot via an online gallery, and you will have the option to purchase more after the photoshoot.

Solo Traveller Photoshoot Gift Voucher 

Starting at 150€