Looking for a way to win all the brownie points and completely blow your loved one away?? Gift them a Paris photoshoot and show them just how romantic you truly are! 

Choose between our three photoshoot lengths - 30 mins, 1 hr & 2 hrs.

And for all the detailsy peeps:
30 min sessions - 15 Lightroom edited photos, Choice of 1 dreamy Paris location, 1 outfit.
1 hour sessions - 30 Lightroom edited photos, Choice of 1 dreamy Paris location + Paris cafe or street pics, 2 outfits (optional). 
2 hour sessions -  60 Lightroom edited photos, Choice of 2 main location + Paris cafe and/or Paris street photos, Multiple outfit changes (optional). 

Photos are sent within 1 week of the photoshoot via an online gallery, and you will have the option to purchase more after the photoshoot.

Starting at 200€

Couple Photoshoot Gift Voucher